For assembly of larger size Gyrolok


Certifications and Design

HOKE maintains all relevant certifications and approvals for global code registrations.
Our designs are verified using a state-of-the- art three-dimensional Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool. Customer drawings of our products are readily available from HOKE website @ in both 2D and 3D in a variety of CAD formats.
Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified.

ISO: 9001:2000 • TPED & PED • DOT-3A DOT-3B • DOT-3BN • DOT-3E • ECE R110 American Gas Association • Canadian Gas Association ASME • Det Norske Veritas • ATEX • CSA TRANSPORT-CANADA • IECEx • GOST • HSE ACI • TSSA • KEMA • NACE • ASTM


LAA perform extended training activities both internally and externally.

Our training programme focuses on safety, user-awareness, understanding, needs and motivations.
Thus this training course allows for dialogue where experiences are exchanged. By doing so, we keep both user and ourselves up to date.

Full certification is provided for each attender after each course for client personnel files.

Demonstration & Training tools


All our products are available in cut-away, to see and understand our design benefits.
Specific demo-case version is also available.

Gyrolok Demo-Tools

To see and understand our GYROLOK design features and benefits.

Hydraulic Pre-Setting Tool

Larger tube fittings often require more effort to assemble properly than can be consistently achieved using hand wrenches. HOKE offers a portable Hydraulic Presetting Tool to make the assembly of larger fittings:

Using the portable Hydraulic Pre-setting Tool, the Gyrolok nut and ferrule system is initially set onto the tubing. The pre-set fitting and tube assembly is then easily installed by following the Gyrolok reassembly instructions.